Whitening Strips - 28pcs
Whitening Strips - 28pcs
Whitening Strips - 28pcs

Whitening Strips - 28pcs

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The gel is made of high-quality ingredients that are perfect for sensitive teeth. Non-slip technology to fit your teeth safely and comfortably. Perfect for people that want to whiten their teeth and not want to use any kind of liquid. The sealed box comes with 14 little bags with 2 strips (top and bottom), enough for 14 daily applications. 

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The strips remove hard setting stains from coffee, wine, tea, and smoking. You will get a brighter smile in just a few treatments! Only 30 minutes of treatment a day can transform your smile and beautify your face. Try it every day for 7 days in a row for the best results. 

Simply peel the white strips and place them firmly over the surface of your teeth. The use of natural mint flavor helps to prevent bacteria and eliminate bad breath.

Let your teeth smile again!

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