Jumping Pug
Jumping Pug
Jumping Pug

Jumping Pug

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People use their phones for approximately 5 hours a day on average. Your whole life is on your phone, literally. If something happens to your phone which causes a total blackout, you will be devastated. Please, protect your phone and make sure that you get a DERRINS™ case to protect it in the best possible way, and you know... you'll always get the best deal. 

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A soft pink and gray colored silicone phone case looks so adorable with that cute pug on the back. Made from high-quality TPU which makes it feel like a softshell. This cute case is super flexible because silicone is the main fabric.


The case seems super thin, however, it contains a two-layer defense. This will let your phone survive significant drops, which is perfect if you are using your phone almost every minute of the day. 

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