Bite Help Pen
Bite Help Pen
Bite Help Pen
Bite Help Pen

Bite Help Pen

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The DERRINS™ Itch Relief Pen utilizes Thermo-Pulse-Technology that delivers soothing heat and vibration to the affected area. It helps to increase circulation and localized blood flow.

This pen is 100% drug and chemical-free too! With the pen, you will get a coverage of 20mm, completely covering the bug bite Built-in safety. The pen makes sure it does not overheat the skin and so will be pain-free! Powered by 2 AA batteries, safe and easy to use. 

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This device quickly terminates mosquito bites, you'll no longer feel itchy! The pen will transfer heat and vibration to the affected area, increases the local blood flow and circulation, this will also result in itch relieve. 

 Free of drugs and chemicals
 Non-toxic and mild to the skin
 Safe for children over the age of 4
 Battery operating itching solutions

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