Hi guys, what's good? 

There has been a lot of things going on lately and we are preparing ourselves for the big roll-out on August 1st. You may have seen something about it already on Instagram or Pinterest, but we are planning to change our concept completely! DERRINS™ is about to become DERRINS™ DEALS

It is very exciting to see what kind of products there are about to be added to the website. There will be over 60 new categories 😳. Today, I would like to announce the main ones. 

But first, why did we change the concept? 
A lot of people have asked us about the removal of the luminous bag collection. To keep the answer short, it was our very first product to start our webshop with. Sometimes it is better to cut the ropes and just move on to the next project. We have signed some contracts with the competitors and decided to stop selling those amazing reflective bags. 

We wanted something new, we wanted to sell products that people can use, products that are useful and have the goal to make life easier. We decided to start dropshipping all kinds of stuff because that's what we wanted to do in the first place, a few months ago. It is definitely no secret that we use that strategy to fulfill our orders. We do research for good products and buy them in wholesale. We have them reserved at the supplier and when someones orders a product on our website, we let the supplier ship it straight to them! In this way, we can keep our costs low and therefore also the price you pay! 

But back to the reveal. We are 10 days out and are definitely not ready yet. There are still so many things we have to do before launching all those new categories. 

Let's continue by revealing the main categories. Aren't you excited? 🤩
First up, BAGS. Of course, we can not cut this rope off and remove all bags from our website. Its where we started, its what inspired us. So we keep them. Secondly, we will launch BEAUTY as another main category. You will find a lot of products that can help you with maintaining healthy skin, good teeth or a stunning look with one of our new makeup products.

The third collection that will be added to our store is FASHION. Mainly focussing on women's clothing, this collection will contain a lot of cute dresses. Everything to make your look summer-proof! Well, summer has already been started, but it is never too late to get a nice new bikini! We will also add JEWELRY to our main category list. Decorate yourself with the beautiful pieces of jewelry we are about to offer. They are cute, small and a real finishing touch of your outfit. 

Besides those, we are about to launch a lot of other categories for you to discover. Learn more about our PET collection or maybe you'll find something among our products in the PHONE ACCESSORIES collection. Do you have kids? The collection especially based on children might be interesting for you. 

Summarized, as I said, there are more than 60 new collections for you to discover by August 1st. And we will create a 'BEST SELLERS' & 'NEW IN' collection where you can shop for the latest products and discover the ones that are popular.

Thanks for making it all the way to the bottom of this blog, I do appreciate your interest! And because of that, I would offer you a discount on your next purchase. Use BLOG10 at checkout in order for you to receive an extra 10% off😍

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For now, thank y'all so much for reading my blog and I wish you a lot of exclusiveness!

DERRINS™, dare to be different. 


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