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The Best Swimwear Styles for a Cruise Vacation

17 May 2023

Planning on going on your dream cruise this summer? Want to feel confident and stylish, and enjoy your time on board? Then choosing the right swimwear is definitely important.

We know there are so many different options to choose from, and it can feel a bit overwhelming choose one. We hear you! That's why we would love to share some of our top picks for swimwear styles for a dream cruise vacation.

One-Piece Swimsuits

They are a classic choice, as they provide extra coverage and support whilst still being stylish and on-trend. For a fashionable twist, look for one-piece swimsuits with interesting details such as cut-outs or a plunging neckline.

If your vibe is more of a sophisticated look, then darker colors like black, navy, or deep red are great choices. Have a look at this one-piece for example, you'll love it.

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Another popular swimwear option for a cruise vacation. They are great for showing off your figure and getting a sun-kissed tan. When choosing one, consider the coverage and support you need.

High-waisted bikini bottoms and underwire bikini tops are very good for providing extra coverage and support. If you don't mind trying something more daring, a string bikini or triangle top bikini can also be a great choice. Have a look here to find the perfect bikini set.


If you'd prefer both the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit and the convenience of a bikini, a tankini is an awesome option, as they have the coverage of a one-piece with a separate top and bottom for convenience.

Tankinis are definitely a great choice for active days on the cruise ship or for excursions on shore.

Swim Dresses

Swim dresses are a stylish and feminine option for a cruise. They provide coverage and support while still being playful and fun. Look for swim dresses with ruffles or lace details for a romantic touch.

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They are also great for transitioning from the beach or pool to lunch or dinner without having to change your outfit.


They are an essential accessory for any cruise vacation, as they provide that extra coverage and can be easily thrown on over your swimsuit when you need a break from the sun.

Choose a cover-up that matches your swimwear and complements your style. Kaftans, tunics, and maxi dresses are great choices for a bohemian-inspired look, while shorts and t-shirts are perfect for a more casual look.

We believe that the choice of the right swimwear for your dream cruise vacation is all about comfort, style, and personal preferences.

You may prefer a classic one-piece or something more playful as a bikini - not to worry! There is an option out there for everyone's tastes. Don't forget to accessorize with cover-ups, sunglasses, and hats for a complete and stylish beach look.

We at DERRINS™ hear you loudly and offer a wide range of swimwear options to help you feel confident and full of style on your dream cruise. Browse our collection to find the perfect swimwear for your next adventure on the high seas.

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Moreover, we believe that all women should feel comfortable and beautiful in their swimsuit. Our new collections contain stylish designs that are crafted to enhance every body type, so you can feel confident and sexy no matter where you go. If you're looking for a great bikini, be sure to check out these best-sellers.

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Finally, complete the look with comfortable sandals that match your outfit. At DERRINS, we offer a wide range of swimwear and accessories to help you create the perfect beach look.

Whether you prefer a classic, timeless look or a trendy, playful style, we have something for everyone. So, get ready to hit the beach in style this summer!


At DERRINS™, we are proud to be a globally recognized brand, selling in over 17 countries. Our mission is to provide women with swimwear that prioritizes confidence, comfort, and sustainability.

We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their swimsuit, especially in summer. Our swimwear is designed to flatter all body types and provide the necessary support. Additionally, we are committed to sustainability and constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and create a cleaner planet: 100% plastic free!

We invite you to discover our newest collections, including bikinis, cover-ups, and other beach accessories, click here.

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