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Swimsuits for Different Beach Terrains (e.g., rocky beach, sandy beach, etc.)

08 May 2023

You know what, one thing is often overlooked when it comes to choosing the perfect women's swimwear: the type of beach or terrain you will be visiting.

Different beach terrains require different types of swimwear to make sure you are comfortable and able to enjoy your beach day to the fullest. Here are some tips to choose the right bikini for different beach terrains.

Terrain 1 of 4: Rocky Beach

Rocky beaches can be beautiful, but they also come with more consideration. Practical swimwear is needed to ensure you can navigate the terrain without injuring yourself. You don't wanna be putting up the bikini top strings all the time while climbing rocks...

When going to rocky beaches, look for swimsuits with more coverage and support, such as one-piece swimsuits or high-waisted bikini bottoms (with strings so you can tie them well).

You may also want to consider a swimsuit with thicker straps or a halter-neck design for added support.

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DERRINS™ has a great one-piece swimsuit (picture above) and high-waisted bikini set (discover them here), that would be perfect for a rocky beach. Both very stylish and on-trend, while keeping you safe on the rocks.

Terrain 2 of 4: Sandy Beach

Sandy beaches are the perfect place to show off your summer body, but the sand can also get into your swimsuit, which can be very annoying. Look for women's bikini sets with with ties or clasps, to prevent any unwanted sand from getting inside.

You may also want to consider a swimsuit with a higher-cut leg or cheeky bottoms, as these styles can prevent sand from getting stuck in the fabric.

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You want to make sure you either close off the space between your bikini and your skin, or find a bikini set that's easily movable so you can take out the sand from inside the bikini without any problem. Have a look here for a cute (and affordable) bikini set that's very movable.

Terrain 3 of 4: Surfing Beach

If you're planning on hitting the waves, you'll need a swimsuit that can handle the action. Look for a cute bikini with a secure fit, such as one with multiple strings, to prevent them from getting loose while surfing.

You'll also want to look for swimsuits made with performance materials, such as quick-drying fabric, to ensure you stay comfortable in and out of the water.

Have a look here for a bikini set with more strings so you can tighten it well, and have a look here to discover our thong bikini which dries super quickly.

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Terrain 4 of 4: Tropical Beach

Tropical beaches are the perfect place to show off your cute bikini set. Look for swimsuits with colorful prints and patterns to really make heads turn.

You may also want to consider swimsuits with cut-out details, as these styles can add an extra touch of flair to your beach look. Have a look here.

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No matter what type of beach terrain you'll be visiting, it's important to choose the right swimwear to ensure you stay comfortable and confident. From rocky beaches


At DERRINS™, we are proud to be a globally recognized brand, selling in over 17 countries. Our mission is to provide women with swimwear that prioritizes confidence, comfort, and sustainability.

We believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their swimsuit, especially in summer. Our swimwear is designed to flatter all body types and provide the necessary support. Additionally, we are committed to sustainability and constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint and create a cleaner planet: 100% plastic free!

We invite you to discover our newest collections, including bikinis, cover-ups, and other beach accessories, click here.

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