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Does my baby need sunglasses? Here is the answer

12 Jun 2023

It is common knowledge that having a reliable pair of sunglasses is crucial. This is especially true when you're in the sun all day, as well as for overall eye protection.

However, the question remains: do we really need to shield our kids from the sun using sunglasses, or is it unnecessary? Find the answer below.

Various studies

The Eye Hospital also shares insights on this matter. Children are more vulnerable to intense light and UV radiation compared to adults. Their pupils are larger, and their eye lenses contain less protective pigment. Excessive exposure to UV radiation can harm the cornea and increase the risk of eye diseases.

Similar to long-term skin damage leading to skin cancer, the effects on the eyes occur gradually. Therefore, it is certainly beneficial to get your kids some sunglasses at an early stage. After all, no parent wants their baby to get eye damage.

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Since eyes are of utmost importance and will serve them throughout their lifetime, it is wise to prioritize safeguarding your baby's eyes. But when and how should you introduce sunglasses to your baby? Let us provide some guidance.

From what age should my child wear sunglasses?

The appropriate age for a child to start wearing sunglasses varies individually. You will only discover this through trial and error, as every baby is unique. The process can be likened to learning how to walk; some babies may start walking earlier than others. The same principle applies to wearing sunglasses.

It is necessary to gradually familiarize your baby with them. Eventually, there will come a point when your baby accepts and becomes comfortable wearing them. There is no set age for this milestone; parents need to patiently experiment and practice with their baby.

This journey is undertaken together, with both parent and baby involved.

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When should my child wear sunglasses?

Determining when your child should wear sunglasses can be approached more easily. Think of it in relation to your own eyes. For instance, if you are at the beach or out on the open sea, it is advisable to have your kid wear sunglasses. This is because all UV radiation reflects off the water, resulting in intensified exposure for your child.

Given their heightened sensitivity and reduced natural protection, it is crucial to be extremely vigilant in such situations. To err on the side of caution, it is better for your baby to wear sunglasses even when uncertain about the risk of damage.

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Additionally, it adds an element of cuteness when your baby dons sunglasses. As a caring parent, avoiding the possibility of eye damage is paramount, which is why it is recommended for both parents and babies to wear sunglasses.

Parents themselves are susceptible to eye damage, and that is an outcome to be avoided at all costs.

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